My Cave: Angel of Death?

by Schnauzevoll

Hey there, Internet!

A few nights ago I was staring at an empty frame in my flat. A frame of 1.8m height (Size DIN A 0…), which makes it taller than me. I also had some black wallpaper left, put it on the frame and noticed it would be enough to actually cover its size. Long story short I had a picture of a sculpted angel from an abandoned cemetary whcih I thought would look great on a black background.

2015 mycave art painting angel of death unframed2015 mycave art diy face wings detail angel of death2015 mycave art diy painting framed angel of death

With some silver gloss paint I sat down and tried for the first wing. It actually would have been possible to have turned the sculpted angel into a painting but after maybe 3 feathers I forgot everything around me, started rubbing the paint with brushes and my fingers to get some better structures in and after maybe an hour I noticed the picture turned out quite different from what I had planned. Instead of a peaceful smiling sculpted angel it now is some faceless creature with claws on top of its wings and ‘some kind of heart’ shining through a black cloak. Oh well but still liked the result. Afterwards I tried to add some fabrics and feathers but nothing seemed to improve it. In the end some pictures seem to have their own will so I framed it the way it was.

The frame now is in my tiny hallway, as you can see it uses up the entire width of one of the walls. With the hallways being this narrow I was not able to take a better picture of it, sorry for that!

Any of your paintings / projects turning out much different from what you planned or do you fight your way through them? Have a nice evening!