Random 15-08

by Schnauzevoll

Hey there, Internet!

Monthly Post of Random Pictures / Thoughts & Questions / Links and other things that happened during the past month and would not fit into another post…

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Maybe these thoughts / questions would be useful as inspiration or someone knows the answer?

* Back on blogosphere for 6 full months now, I’m surprised how much has changed while I was away and also since I returned.
* Can anyone tell me why so many people use Captcha? We do have posiibilities to manually approve comments, why would you make your visitor go through a million of tasks until they can actually comment on your blog?
* Wondring if Zeche Carl is still as amazing as it was when I went there often. Guess I will find out in Spetember!
* How many days does this horribly long month have?
* What does my car need for the Checkup, will we be able to get through it this year?
* Does a glitter-phobia excist? We will find out as soon as a person suffering from that enters my flat. – also: Have I been a Crow in my past life? Can I find out more about it?
* Do spiders understand what we are saying?
* What to do for Halloween? (Sorted. Will be a Zombie Misty, A friend is having a party)
* Tried to change the category links on top of the site but gave up. Anyone has an idea on which categories I should do shortlinks to?
* August, 24th – 2007, 8 years ago Sophie Lancaster died after an attack on the streets, simply because of her being alternative / goth. Her mom is a person who definitely is inspiring and since then speaking up to raise the awareness of prejudice against subcultures. Wishing her and everyone with her all the best and lots of energy to keep fighting!

And here are my most favourite / inspiring posts from other blogs / websites this month:

* Enigmatic RamblesNail Polish Collection 2010-2015, having a passion, collecting something and besides the art created with that addiction this lady also DIY’ed storage for it! I adore her blog for all those nail-inspirations!
* Style Concepts! Graveyard Picnic did it, inspired by The Walrus Room, love this idea! Laura also posted a nice one! Anyone else did it? I’d love to see!
* Arianna Rose proves once more that Safety Pins (as Accessories) are an Essential!
* Meghan (Sass-A-Fr-Ass) always has the most entertaining posts, no matter what she is writing about, you will find me smiling – no matter if she is talking about her life or giving some beauty advice! So head over to her Mermaid Witch Meltdown post!
* Geek out South West are one of the blogs for all things regarding games and geeky, they did a great post on Zombies this month (Remaking a classic)

This happened on Youtube this month, anyone would like to try?

Most played songs this month

* Cradle of Spoil – Kaltes Herz (Actually the entire album ‘Die Macht des Schweigens’)
* Cancer Barrack – Beischlaf mit 60kg Hackfleisch
* Geile Tiere – Geile Tiere
* Saltatio Mortis – Hochzeitstanz
* Tomas Tulpe – Du hast Schamhaar

What has been inspiring for you during the past month? Have a nice evening!