My Cave 15-08!

by Schnauzevoll

Hey there, Internet!

It has been a while since I posted about the changes in my flat last time and even though I still am far from finishing my kitchen or any other room I wanted to show you the progress of decorating and customizing it into the cozy cave I am longing for!

flat1508 kitchen absinthe gold68 spoons green lightningflat1508 kitchen pumpkin crow witchy plant nature herb gothflat1508 kitchen vampire bottle opener skull bat tools goth


Still planning of it to be the first room to be finished and so the most has been put into this room. Most of my herbs preferred the atmosphere on my balcony so I moved them outside and afterwards went online to find even more plants, kitchen herbs mainly. I haven’t found a matching sink yet so that place currently is staying empty. Besides the sink the only thing left to do is decorating or as you might say ‘stuff things in it until it looks like that wicked litte kitchen I am dreaming of’ and also I’ll have to continue the hunt for some nice bottles of Absinthe or maybe exchange some of my basic tools with spooky ones.

flat1508 bedroom gothic curtains black window decoration candlesflat1508 bedroom anthony darr art frame gift goth glitterflat1508 bedroom decoration gothic doll julia hearse pillow

Bedroom / working space

Since I did not feel too comfortable staring at the same empty white walls all the time I decided to work a bit on this room as well. Created my own kind of cornice with some chains, safety pins, nails and destructed black fabrics, added DIY ghosts with handkerchiefs which were some heirloom by my grandmother and were still looking for a way to be displayed. I also finally found a way to display the picture Anthony Darr did for me as a gift a few years ago. Had some extremely silver sparkling gift wrapping paper left which was the exact size of an empty frame and so the decision was made. The drawing was meant to be me as comic villain, love this picture to death and I am SO grateful for this! Back then he sent it to me with a hand written letter which also went into that frame. I know I might once more lose some goth points but I have that thing for glitter, like crows, they keep those points though I guess? My doll Julia also went from one spot to another because now that I actually have a desk, which needs some work before I will show it, my laptop would be in front of her. Same as the kitchen, a few pieces of furniture and decorations are missing, but knowing that I moved in only in January makes me happy with the progress so far! Anyone knows if there is a support group for halloween shopping addicts? I have a few boxes of decorations here already but stalking and drooling over all those shops starting to sell their new halloween stuff! Who needs a couch when you have a flat covered in pumpkins, skeletons, bats and spiders?!

flat1508 bedroom bat sky black white goth home decorationflat1508 decoration bat incense candle bat gothflat1508 ghost decoration curtain chain window goth

What else?

I started to collect ideas & desireable plant names for next year’s balcony season. Then I continued to stick black foil to the creamy bathroom tiles and after returning from M’era Luna I set my tent up again, in my living room. Also… Currently working on a picture for my tiny hallway that I hope to be able to show you in my next post!

What are your home decorating / DIY inspirations? Have a nice evening!