For the blind Bats! (Oakley’s PRIZM lenses at Salt City Optics)

by Schnauzevoll

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(Blogpost in collaboration with Salt City Optics)

Imagine living in the dark surroundings of Mordor, one day you decide to go to the Shire for some hiking holiday and find yourself surrounded by more vibrant colors than you could ever have envisioned. One can easily guess your eyes would not be able to use these colors completely and even with the best sunglasses available in Mordor by the time you would still not be able to see all the beauty that is in front of you here.

So ever since I found out about Oakley’s PRIZM lens technology, and it being made available in prescription lens at Salt City Optics on October 1st (and for pre-order starting today, August 17th), this is what went through my head, traveling from caves through the woods, into the cities and back, experiencing nature at its best.

2015 salt city optics oakley prizm prescription polished black trail running hiking mountain biking2015 salt city optics sun glasses main square wire matte black oakley prizm daily prescription polarized2015 salt city optics oakley prizm prescription lenses water sailing boating black

No matter if it is for sound (This comparison can be read on Salt Citiy Optics Blog), photos or clothing, there always are ‘auto’ and ‘manual’ options available with manual settings being able to define something to the very detail. Think of corsets for example, 18″ from a company might fit you fine but a corset custom made for your body and the exact shape you want to achieve will be much better for sure, this should also be available for glasses. There were different vision options available for us to help us before, but now there is even more with Oakley doing researches on the wavelengths of colors and which are required in different situations. These new prescription glasses come in different versions / tints created by combining dyes and coatings to optimize said wavelengths so they will emphasize the colors you see, each of them fine tuned for specific environments in various sports, outdoor activities or also for your daily life, leading to more vibrant colors where you need them the most, revealing you all the details you might have missed before. The new lenses will also be available in Oakley’s full catalog of frames, making them not just desireable for different athletes but also if you are looking for some good quality and fashionable or modest, everyday glasses.

I for sure am excited to hear about it and working with my photographs on a daylie base I am wondering if they would make the same differences to the things I am able to see with my own eyes than what editing does with the photos my camera is able to take.

See Salt City Optic’s Blog for some more, detailed information and check out their full selection of prescription sunglasses and eyewear here!

Would this be something you would like to try or do you prefer to stick to your used to shades? Have a nice evening!