by Schnauzevoll

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Cliche topic, right? But I’m sure that for a lot of you also this is something that makes you want to try a product instantly. At least when I was writing my list for the monthly drugstore shopping I noticed: Patchouli- candles, fabric softener, shampoo, shower gel, peeling, cremes and basically most scented product in my flat has that ‘p’-word in its description.

plants patchouli pogostemon cablin leaf detail natureplants pogostemon heyneanus patchouli nature leaf detailplants pogostenum patchouli nature leaf detail

(Pogostemon Cablin, P. Heyneanus, P. Patchouli)

Perfumes and the like

Besides a lot of ‘mainstream’ companies that use patchouli as base quite often there of course are alternative / indie / companies, especially in the goth community that create perfumes, body oils and other products that have an intense patchouli scent. Teufelsküche or Perfume Noir for example. Back in the 90’s/00’s they also had it as amazing room spray that I actually miss to this day but got told it won’t come back due to another law here in Germany / Europe.

But for room scents we still can use incenses, oils or simply grow patchouli plants on our own (re-reading I do realize that this makes me sound like giving instructions on how to grow drugs. Sorry, I’m not.)

The plants

There are 40-90 known species in the Pogostemon plant family (Categorized as mint family / lamiacea), first to discover them was René Louiche Desfontaine in 1815. Out of all the pogostemon plants cabling, heyneanus and patchouli are used to create patchouli oil the most. It is said to be a cure for depression, stress, headaches, stmoachaches, asthma, it is antiseptic and will lead to a better skin condition. Besides the medical background the dark, wooden and earthy scent is said to open your mind in a spiritual way and also to be aphrodisiac.

Pogostemon plants are endemic mainly to the southern parts of Asia. Height varies from 30-100cm. The toothed leafs and stems usually are dark green and tementous. Blossoms will appear in autum / fall and come in white – pink – purple shades. My plants enjoy a light place without direct sunlight and temperatures around 20°C.

What is your opinion, do you like the scent or not? Would this be a plant you would like to have in your house or garden? Have a nice evening!