Sisterhood Of The World Blogger Award!

by Schnauzevoll

Hey there, Internet!

Holy bat, this has been in waiting line for nearly three months now! Thank you Megan (Sass-A-Fr-Ass) who nominated me for the Sisterhood of the world blogger Award here. You should definitely take a look at her lovely blog with beauty and random inspiration, within shortest time this lady got that spot of ‘person to talk to in blog related panic moments’ for me and I also love the other random chats we’ve been having, you are amazing!

skelanimal - diego the bat


– Thank and link the person who nominated you on your blog post.
– Nominate 5-10 other blogs
– Answer all question’s
– Make up 10 questions for your nominees


– What are the last 5 song’s you listened to? – From my Mera Luna 2015 playlist: Ich will brennen (ASP), Hate is just a 4 letter word (L’Âme Immortelle), All the devil’s toys (Deathstars), Die Interimsliebenden (Einstürzende Neubauten), Kein Weg zu Weit (Joachim Witt & Mono Inc.)
– Your house is on fire. You have time to grab your favorite…? (Family, Pet’s don’t count) – Ugh, I’d say Julia is part of my family but just to make sure: Julia!
– I have just granted you 3 wishes. As I am a very busy Genie, quickly what are they? – Oh! Please make my car able to stay with me as long as I am able to drive it! Make me brave enough to actually show my arts / creative stuff to people! Make the nice people I know healthy, body and soul-wise so they can enjoy their lives!
– What doll most resembles you in character and or looks? (Can be anything from Barbie to Living Dead dolls…) – I have no idea… Help Anyone?
– Do you sleep with a plushie aka stuffed animal? Or is there one on your bed for decoration? – No plushie in my bed but as decoration in my flat. Oh. Actually, that’s a lie: When camping I have a huge Gary (Spongebobs snail) plushie as pillow.
– Goal’s, goal’s goal’s! Someday I will…- Understand why we force ourselves to do so many unhealthy and unlogigal things, things that only hurt ourselves.
– Do you sing along or break out a few dance moves to your favorite song’s be you in the shower, driving your car or walking down the street? – Yes. And I can’t believe people exist who don’t do this!
– Someone ahead of you dropped some money. Finders Keepers or chase them down to give it back? – Scream for them, maybe run but if that person ingores me it might depend on my mood if I continue running after them.
– You can meet any historical person. (obviously from the past.) Who is it you’d most want to meet and talk with? – Any dead person for sure would be my father, historical person… hmmm… Maybe van Gogh? Seems he had an interesting mind!
– The 7 deadly sin’s. Which one might you be guilty of on occasion? (Vice, Vanity as example of which “sin’s” I am talking about.) – Lust?


Bien Aimée – Fashion focussed & alternative / goth blog with posts that obviously have been thought about for hours and hours!
Deus Ex Machina – ‘Your Local Post Punker’, Music, Inspiration and much more!
Spinning Webs – Dreads, Nature and Darkness. Perfect combination!
The mutant stomp friends – Says everything, entertaining as hell and so much to see every time a new post comes up!
Sweets and dreams – i remember her blog from a few years ago when we both were on blogspot and love it since then, she also switched to wordpress not too long ago!

Nominee Questions

– If you were a flower or plant, what would you be and why, the scent, look or something else?
– Bats, Ravens or Spiders?
– What would be a perfect event to attend? Any theme-party, festival that already exists or would you have to invent a new one?
– If a Vampire would ask you to come with them, would you agree?
– Are you a person who likes to plan ahead or living in the moment?
– Is there any other ‘art’ you do besides blogging (let’s call the combination of words and pictures art in this question, ok?)?
– Do you prefer buying your clothes or DIY?
– If you could change your life by travelling back in time and doing some things different, would you do it?
– Are there any other platforms your followers can find you? (Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr,…)
– 🙂 ?

And please excuse the delay in approving and answering your comments or reading your new posts – that will have to wait until tuesday because now it is Mera Luna weekend!

Have a nice evening!