Summerstorm: The good things!

by Schnauzevoll

Hey there, Internet!

A few psost ago I told you about that scary Summerstorm we had during our barbecue night here in Germany, today’s post is about some good things this storm brought! Whenever there is a storm, things break, while this can be sad for plants and animals (there were a lot of dead birds, rats and other small animals lying around, people who do taxidermy would have found some treasures for sure.) I was impressed by all the big branches you were able to find everywhere. As mentioned I got to take some of the cracked chestnut tree with me so I left most of the other branches in their place. The big one with a lot of twigs seemed to be perfect for decorating my bedside space. The twigs are perfect to continue the hanging bat sky from above my bed and with some chains I also can use it to store jewelry that I don’t wear that often.

2015 cave decor bedside chestnut branch bats pentacle2015 cave decor bedside chestnut bat pentacle2015 cave decor bedsidetable chestnut candles skull

Those of you that follow my blog a few days longer already might remember the autumn/halloween/witchy-kitchen plan and will get a small update here, too. The bigger limb that I took home with me found its place in an unused corner in said kitchen. I think I might have to add a bit of decoration to it though, maybe some pumpkin-light-strings? Also hoping the herbs I have in my kitchen won’t get afraid of that dead tree’s body part next to them.

2015 cave kitchen decor chestnut big2015 cave decor kitchen chestnut branch detail2015 cave decor kitchen chestnut branch corner

And even though this was not a storm leftover from that night but quite suits the posts theme, when I went trekking with Alex a few weeks ago I also found the ‘perfect’ birch branch for another wall that was still empty, planning to put a dresser for books and knick-knacks underneath later.

2015 cave decor working birch branch spider bat detail 2015 cave decor birch branch bats spider2015 cave  decor birch branch bats spider wall

Do you use things you find in the nature for DIY or home decor as well? Share some inspiration with us? Have a nice evening!