Lashes / Falsies! Stargazer Version!

by Schnauzevoll

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Stargazer (official Facebook site) is an UK-based, cruelty free brand that offers great quality while being low-priced. Their lashes are £4.00 and are split into two categories (three if you add the paper lashes), false eye lashes and feathered false eye lashes, all of them come with a small tube of clear lash glue / adhesive. The ‘normal’ false eye lashes come in a plastic box that will keep them safe for a long time, and are available in natural looking or with a bit of color or glitter but they are not as dramatic as the feathered false eye lashes, those come in a paper / plastic packaging, they also come in different colors but tend to be much longer, thicker, with crystal or feather accents which will make your eyes stand out for sure.

makeup falsies fake lashes haul review stargazer gothic alternative

Feathered False Eye Lash #44  – These are simple lashes with a few feather-like parts on the outer corners which make them look interesting while still being easy to blend into most eye-makeups, they do not feel as heavy as some ‘thicker’ lashes might. I am able to wear my glasses with them but if they were only the tiniest bit longer they would touch the sidepieces so be aware of that when your glasses are a bit narrower!

makeup false eyelashes falsies stargazer feathered 044 eotd

Feathered False Eye Lash #58 – Amazingly bright red / orange lashes, the same color as my hair which right now is Stargazer’s UV-red with a bit of yellow mixed in. On the inner side of the lashes are some clear crystals that definitely will stay on, at least the ones on mine did not fall off during two days of wearing. Still these in my case sadly won’t be worn that much because of their length, my eyes refuse lenses and I don’t like being blind.

haul false eyelashes falsies stargazer orange feathered eotd makeup

False Eye Lash #06 – I had to add a pair of greenish lashes to my order (since the tips of this orange-haired girl will be dyed green later this year and I already can’t wait for my hair being long enough to do so.) so these joined the family, they actually are nearly the same as #13 but instead of being all black they have some dark green metallic pieces ‘hair / lashes’ added to them. Depending on the light and your eye-makeup the green is barely noticeable or shining a lot.

haul stargazer fake eyelashes falsies 06 review

False Eye Lash #13 – As I said, they are the completely black version of #06, the bits that are a metallic green on the previous pair are in a shiny black on this one. Looking very voluminous and long while not touching (at least mine) your glasses. These probably would be great on both, simple and on artistic eye-makeups.

haul stargazer review fake eyelashes falsies 13

False Eye Lash #18 – probably the most decent pair of the 5 I bought, less volume but a few longer and thicker parts mixed in. These probably would be a good pair of lashes for everyone who never used any fake lashes before, due to not being as voluminous as most of the others they are quite light-weight which will not make your eyes feel tired so fast and the band is more flexible so they are easy to attach.

haul stargazer fake eyelashes falsies 18 review

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Are you a falsies or mascara kind of person? Any favourites? Have a nice evening!