Today’s Outfit & Makeup 15-07 (II)

by Schnauzevoll

Hey there, Internet!

Two lovely places were on my list to go to that day, an old cult place in a cave and an old cemetary, that like the one in Wolfenbüttel is used as park these days. Things changed because I ordered some patchouli plants online, the tracking link said they would be delivered that day and I did not want the plants having to wait another day at the post office in a dark package and without water. So instead of going out I was forced to stay at home doing some silent stuff so i would hear the postman. In the end I threw away all accesoires that I put on before, had a drink and got creative working on my desk. Yep. boring as is. The plants arrived safe and were happy they got some fresh water and new ‘shoes’ right away though so it was worth waiting at home.

ootd 1507 nailpolish gothic black matte illamasqua scornootd 1507 hair poofy backcombing orange makeup false lashesootd 1507 blackmilk oujia judge bat backpack simple

What I’m wearing

Top: Blackmilk clothing (The Judge 2.0)
Leggings: Blackmilk clothing, too (Oujia Boards)
Random fake leather shorts on top of them simply because.


Bone hairclips: Kreepsville 666
Bat hairclip: Alchemy Gothic
Everything else was taken off again as soon as I decided to stay in and draw, even the bat backpack went back to its place on my wardrobe.


Very simple this time, too
Eyes: Illamasquas Liquid Metal in Phenomena, Precision Ink in Abyss, Random Palette’s black.
Lashes: Stargazer Feathered Lashes #44
Nails: Illamasquas Black Matte Nail Polish (Scorn) and the tiny Nail diamonds from Stargazer

What are you doing on days when you have to wait inside without any noise? Have a nice evening!