Summer Essentials for Goths?

by Schnauzevoll

Hey there, Internet!

With it still being summer here in Europe you notice what is missing to protect yourself from that heat. So today I’d like to share my 5 essentials to save me during the hot season with you, maybe tell us about yours?

goth summer essentials fan sunblock sunscreen spf coffin shades batgoth summer essentials lydia hat

* Sunscreen – Of course it is ok if you want to get tanned but still, it’s not something I want for myself so a lotion with spf 50+ (thats the highest you can get here in Germany) is what i always have in my bag during summer. The current one (from Vichy) has a mattifying formula which makes it even more awesome! And even when you don’t care about tanning, skin cancer is enough of a reason to wear sunscreen these days.

* Sun-Glasses / Shades – I’m a bit jealous of those people who are not as blind as I am or of those who manage to wear contacs without having huge red glowing zombie-like eyeballs after a few seconds. There would be so many beautiful shades to buy these days, Or for the more expensive version as always, recommenting Fledermausbrille.

* Fan – I got my go-to fan at WGT 2014, it literally saved my live and was the first of a fan-collection. You can find them in nearly every material and color or even DIY one by yourself so ‘would not suit me’ is not an option. (this is also for the guys, fanning can look quite elegant!)

* A hat to hide from the burning sun, probably the bigger the better, remember Lydia from Beetlejuice? She definitely has a life saving hat! Only downsides are they can be a bit difficult to wear when it is hot and windy and might limit you choices in hairdos. Or maybe you would prefer an umbrella?

* Light Fabrics, cotton, lace, net, especially in oversized clothing makes black an easy to wear in summer color choice! Plus who does not love that ‘bat-like’ feeling when wearing loose fit tops?

What would your top 5 must haves be for summer each year or maybe you have newly discovered something this year? Have a nice evening!