by Schnauzevoll

Hey there, Internet!

Back to my normal posting schedule! Now as promised the reason for last posts delay. On Sunday we were invited to some friends who live in a farm-like place for a barbecue, it was a really hot day here in Germany, the forecast said it would become a bit stormy in the evening but we definitely could deal with the ‘bit stormy’. So we arrived around 6pm – which was an hour before we actually were supposed to arrive – got our stuff from the cars, had some chats and the guys prepared the fire. Short after 7pm the sky went pitch black, it became stormy and started raining like crazy.

storm dark sky rain germanystorm dead treestorm germany farm sky clouds nature

Everyone was trying to safely dismantle the pavilion when we heard a horribly loud cracking noise. The old chestnut tree next to the gate obviously lost a huge ‘branch’ which fell directly to where our cars were parking. After taking all the barbecue stuff inside we decided to examine the yard and what happened to our cars and the buildings around. Everything looked like a mess and obviously the roof of the shed and Alex’s car were damaged. Still remember the point when I mentioned we would have arrived an hour later? That probably would have been much worse because then we would all still have been around the cars. Anyways, good they have a farm since that also means chainsaw and tractors were accessible and we would not have to call the fire fighters who were busy the entire night anyways. So, chestnut branch was dissected, taken off the car and everything was cleaned (with a lot of help by the dogs who might never have seen as many sticks in one place their entire lives)

storm branch broken car oakstorm germany broken oak shedstorm germany oak broken tree nature rain wordpress

In the end we still started to have our barbecue, even though the charcoal-grill was exchanged to some electronic one and everything took place indoors. Since I am horribly with finding my way and was afraid Alex’s car would not make it’s way back to their home I decided to drive behind them until they were home safe and then drive on. The roads looked exactly like those you usually see in end-time movies, broken trees and dead animals everywhere (Ok, some horny cats were enjoying each others companies, too…), thunderbolts and rain still carrying on. We all got home safe. The following days were packed with articles on this evening, some even took pictures of some kind of twister which definitely are not seen often around.

storm germany car tree

I guess you could call my car lucky since he was supposed to stay exactly where the branch fell (Alex’s car was not as lucky though…). Or maybe it was my father who saved my car since his grave is only about 20kms away from here, immagine him pushing the tree off my car creates some lovely pictures in my head! On a sidenote: The historical plate will be achieved in about 4 years from now!

Do you enjoy summer storms or are afraid of them? Anything bad happened to you during a storm in the past? (hopefully not!) Have a nice evening!