Today’s Outfit & Makeup 15-07

by Schnauzevoll

Hey there, Internet!

I can’t believe I am nearly two days behind but the reason for that will be put into a post for the next few days, definitely had a lot of good and bad stuff happening. Aynways, it was really hot during (German hot, not Australian hot though.) the last few days but went to Kreuzmühle with Alex because staying at home would have been a waste. Didn’t dance at all but had a nice evening chatting and eating their homemade chili, drinking some met and talk even more. Afterwards we decided we have to make some chili party at a point since we both do like really hot & spicy food. Kreuzmühle again was quite empty but as alst time, maybe that’s because of all the festivals taking place these months and most people in Germany preferred to sit next to a pool or in a conditioned room. When I went home in the early morning some random stranger came up to me complimenting me on my hair, had a small chat afterwards, really entertaining ending of a nice day out!

ootd 1507 gothic corset heavy red chainsootd 1507 makeup goth horror halloween glasses ootd nailpolish opi malaga wine china glaze its alive

What I’m wearing

Corset & Gloves: Heavy Red (had to add a fake leather patch to one of the seams because after some years and lots of days being worn this lovely thing slowly starts to show its age, still love it and am willing to add even more bat patches to keep it a few more years!)
Boots: Solovair
Pants: Bäres
Top is offbrand and fake leather bra with collar from Avanza


Glasses: Fledermausbrille
Necklace: Old pentacle necklace, chains from the DIY-store, collar is attatched to the fake leather bra.
Plus some random rings, wristbands, safety pins as earrings and more chains.


Ended up like this because what would you do when you are afraid of your face melting off before you are actually done with your makeup? In the end it stayed on much longer than expected!

Lips: Stargazer Glitter Lipstick in Black
Eyes: random red shadow from my cheap 188-color palette, Sleek Bad Girl Palette in Noir, Illamasqua Mascara in Raven, Illamasqua Intense Lipgloss in Touch on top of the red.
Nails: Opi Malaga Wine, a few drops of China Glaze It’s Alive mixed into a clear top polish from Blackheart (those cute skull bottles)

click here for my last Outfit for Kreuzmühle.

Are you going out when it is extremely hot or do you prefer to stay at home then or maybe party at home with friends? Have a nice evening!