DIY: Mom did WHAT?

by Schnauzevoll

Hey there, Internet!

In my family we do give each others some presents for birthdays and christmas since that is what you do when you’re living in Germany. A habit, not the most of fun thing to do, honestly. Gifting-fun though happens when we see something the other person might like or when we get creative, and then random gifts happen (or things are added to the halloween presents corner, yep. Halloween gifts are better than those for christmas or birthdays, my mom happily agrees). Anyways, when I was visiting my mom last time she had something for me, she crocheted (*sorry, i was wrong when i thought it was knitted, thanks for telling me though XD) me a hearse pillow and a door wreath with a bird inspired by the one I did show you in the last random post, a spider and cobweb. The Wreath definitely makes that boring yellow-brown-ish front door look so much better while I still am not sure where to put the pillow.

diy mom knit hearse gothdiy knit wreath goth spider

In case of you’re wondering: My baby chickadee successfully moved out. He comes to visit me for some grains a couple of times a day, some water or tea (that I left on my balcony alone while I was grabbing a book, seems birds do like fresh, homemade but cold herbal tea as much as I do) and then heads off again!

I might have to add that getting homemade, homemade stuff is even more special since my mom is suffering from Parkinson-syndrome for as long as I can remember and hence her hands often are shaking or refusing to work in total. It seems she really does enjoy knitting on the better days though, so maybe I should go and look sor some nice skull, bat or feather-like patterns for her for my next visit!

Any experienced knitters around? What are your current projects? Have a nice evening!