WordPress ‘milestone’ & Facebook

by Schnauzevoll

Hey there, Internet!

Sorry I’ve not been answering your comments for the past few days, real life happened. Today I will head to Rabenschwarze Nacht and afterwards I have some days off so I definitely will be able to answer & visit you!

100 followers wordpress

On another note I wanted to say thank you so much, WordPress told me I hit the 100 follower ‘milestone’ ( ā¤ ) And no, you guys are not just numbers, thanks for all the chat’s we’ve had, I am happy to have met so many awesome people during the past few months on here! But I also got told via email that it is quite hard to follow a WordPress Blog without a WordPress or Bloglovin’ account so I decided to start a facebook page! Still trying to figure everything out over there but I guess that will need some time!

Justkeepbrains.com on facebook

Maybe you are wondering why there is not the stereotype giveaway people seem to do at 100 followers so here’s your answer: I am planning a Halloween themed giveaway for October, that’s why.

So, who else has a facebook page for their blog, any advice you could give anewbie? Have a nice evening!