Carrying on Places: Burg Regenstein

by Schnauzevoll

Hey there, Internet!

This is a carry on post from my last article (Places: Burg Regenstein). Because there was so much to see around that place and I did not want to make the post too long / picture heavy it was seperated and so today I want to show you two of the many beautiful places (Bastion Ludwigsburg and Regensteinmühle) that still belong to the castle ruin, both are located around 1km away from it though. Both places were as impressive as the castle, you can see how much nature fights to take over these places again when you look at what is left from walls, border stones (to Prussia and Brunswick) or wooden tools.

Again, thanks to Touristik-Information Blankenburg for the nice email-contact!

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We actually wanted to only see the mill (additional to the castle ruin) this time but on our way we got a bit distracted by the beautiful forrest, then we noticed we already were close to Bastion Ludwigsburg so we changed our plan and went there for a few moments. When arriving at the Bastion you can see another sign telling you about the history of this place, that they had cannons and wooden barrages to defend the Bastion and about the walls of which only small parts are left.

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The Regensteinmühle also has signs set up telling you about its past and about its present / reconstructions. It was a water-processed grout & oil mill. Sadly there is not much left and not much (yet) reconstructed. The mill wheels (of impressive 4-5m size) though were done in 2013/2014 (by EPIDE from France and VHS-Bildungswerke from Blankenburg, Germany) so here is hope of more being done in the future. According to one of the signs the mill was built at the end of the 12th century, abandoned in 15th century and back in the days had a mill race of 2km, parts of them have been uncovered again already, as well as several residental and outbildings, reconstructions started in 1988.

In case you are interested in collecting, you can find stamping point #082 of the Harzer-Wandernadel in front of the mill and unlike the one at the asse, this one is still there and they state that the reconstructions still are carried on and hopefully will be able to reconstruct the entire mill.

This made me wonder, do other countries also have stamps to collect while hiking? Any of you collecting these? Have a nice evening!