Pumpkin Soup, Summer Version!

by Schnauzevoll

Hey there, Internet!

NO, this won’t turn into a food blog, promised! Some things that are related to halloween & stuff I adore, I will have to share with you though! Halloween is still 4 months away and over here in Germany it is summer / or as they say horribly hot. Still I sometimes want to include a bit of halloween taste to my food. Did so earlier this month when I tried my hands on a summer version of my pumpkin soup and since it turned out quite tasty I wanted to share it with you! I don’t cook by exact amounts of product because I don’t want to throw something away that would still be good. And in the end the most important thing when cooking for your friends and family should be to put some love into it anyways! Hope you will enjoy it!

food halloween pumpkin soup summer style

What you will need (for 3-4 persons)

* 1 Hokaido pumpkin
* 1 Butternut pumpkin
* 5-10 carrots (depending on size and your ‘nomming while cooking’ habits)
* 1 tiny onion
* 500ml creamy coconut juice
* 100ml pineapple juice (without additional sugar, eriously thats sweet enough)
* 100ml water
* 1 lemon
* fresh ginger (about 3x3x3cms in size)
* fresh basil (i grabbed 4 leafs this time)
* 1 teaspoon nutmeg
* 1/2 teaspoon allspice
* 1/2 teaspoon white pepper
* a tiny bit of cinnamon

How to make this – Don’t forget to put the seeds away, you might want to try to grow your own pumpkins / lemontree from them!

* clean & excorticate the pumpkins, carrots, ginger & onion.
* put the coconut juice in your cooking pot, i always start the oven at highest temperature and go down a bit as soon as it starts boiling.
* cut the pumpkins to the size of gaming cubes (about 2x2x2 cms), it is ok if they get a bit bigger, we will change that in the end, carrots in slices, add to the coconut juice as soon as it starts boiling.
* cut onion & ginger (tiny pieces, unless you like to bite on those things!), add to the big pot, juice the lemon, add that, too.
* let it boil (a bit!!) for 30 minutes, stir every few minutes
* add the water, pineapple juice and spices, let it stand for 15 minutes, use your hand held blender a bit to cut the bigger pumpkin & carrot parts (makes the soup a bit creamier, too) and you’re done!

Do you think Pumpkins are only for Halloween or do you sometimes include them to your dishes throughout the year? Maybe share some receipes? Have a nice evening!