Today’s Outfit & Makeup (15-06)

by Schnauzevoll

Hey there, Internet!

This weekend my friend Alex, his girl and I had a few days off work and so we had to go out dancing a bit, went to the Kreuzmühle (you can read some nice history of this Place on their facebook site) in Rübeland (is this seriously the name of that city?!) Saxony-Anhalt, Germany. On our way (80kms this time) we saw quite some interesting spots to go to on our next hiking days. I actually died a little since before we reached the top of the hill where it is located we had to pass a horribly high amount of double bends (usually driving everywhere on my own I definitely felt helpless on the backseat but we survived, not even a single accident happened). The location is covered in beautiful art and sculptures done by Remo Sorge. Sadly it was a bit empty but as Alex said probably everyone spent all their money and energy at WGT last month… Anyways, we had some nice hours there, enjoying the awesome music (barely electronic stuff was played, instead danceable songs and a lot of which I actually never heard on clubbing nights!) and had some of their tasty homemade Soljanka.

ootd goth corset artifice pvc bibianblue blackmilkootd nailpolish illamasqua omen uv green p2 black cracklingootd stargazer illamasqua fledermausbrille goth makeup sidecut hawk fotd

No curling before backcombing this time but still I think I had a good-hair-day! Color is 1:1 Stargazer UV-Red:Dawn.

What I’m wearing

Corset: Artifice Clothing (that’s the more expensive, bridal black lace but definitely worth the upgrade)
Skirt: Bibian-Blue (The only thing I really bought at WGT this time, Shopping budget was a success! – Currently most money is put towards the flat)
Leggings: Black Milk Clothing (Haunted House) and Suspender Mattes on top paired with some ripped tights.


Glasses: Fledermausbrille
Random / old pieces in earrings, rings, wristbands, pentrgram necklace, some chains from the DIY store, ripped tights and a spider-brooch I think I got from DaWanda (similar to Etsy) but can’t remember the person who did them, if you know them / are them please let me know, could use some more of these as gifts for friends.


Lips: Stargazer Glitter Lipstick in black as seen in the review post here
Eyes: Sleek Noir (Ultra Matte Dark Palette), Illamasqua Precision Ink in Abyss, Liquid Metal in Phenomena and since I’m an expert in hiding my lash adhesive from myself instead of the fakies I wanted to use I went with their Masquara in Raven. This time added some Spiderweb detail to my left eye.
Nails: Illamasqua Omen (UV-active green with hint of glitter), P2 010 black explosion (black matte crackling polish)

What do your clubbing nights look like? Are people dressing up for them? Have a nice evening!