Lips! Stargazer Glitter Version!

by Schnauzevoll

Hey there, Internet!

The other day I was talking to some friends about hairdyes and decided next time I would run out of the Manic Panic Psychedelic Sunset color I would try Stargazer’s orange-y colors (since I was really satisfied with their dyes, especially the reds about 10 years ago and love their makeup products anyways so I could add some other things to my shopping cart on top) did so on May, 28th and now I already have the hairdye waiting in my hair – parcel arrived on June, 2nd if I’m not totally misstaken (Shipping from UK to Germany I am more than happy with everything delivered within a week). This post though is not about the haircolor but about Stargazer’s glitter lipsticks.

Stargazer (official facebook site) is a cosmetic brand located in UK, shipping worldwide and probably sold in quite a lot of alternative shops. On their website they write they were first established in 1978, their biggest influence would be the colorful punk fashion. In their FAQs they also clearly state they never tested on animals so if you are looking for cheap, good quality, cruelty free makeup I would definitely recommend them to you! This time I only bought 5 of their glitter lipsticks at £3.50 each. They come with 5.2g of product and should be used within 18 months after opening. (Admitting: I have a red glitter lipstick by them that definitely is ‘a bit’ older, and which is still one of my favourite products – retiring that one now though.)

makeup review stargazer glitter lipstick swatches makeup review stargazer glitter lipstick haul

Glitter Lipstick Black – This will make your lips look like a starry night. Semi opaque black satin finish with a lot of silver glitter. What I was impressed by the most was that, compared to other blacks, your teeth won’t look as yellow-ish! The tiny glitter particles might stick together when you eat something oily, but with some coffee and a snack it stayed on my lips perfectly fine for 4 hours and then only needed a touch up before lasting some more hours.

makeup review stargazer glitter lipstick black goth

Glitter Lipstick Red – A sheer red with red glitter particles. Feels much softer on the lips than the black one and might need a primer underneath or maybe to use on top of another lipstick if you are looking for bloody red lips. I may be wrong or maybe it is due to the age but I think my old red had some silverish glitter in it and was less shiny? I have to mention: this once stayed on my lips during an entire partynight (with oily food and alcohol = lipstick-killers) and was still there when I went home.

makeup review stargazer glitter lipstick red piercing

Glitter Lipstick Silver – sheer grey to transparent with silver glitter, probably a perfect color to mix with other lipsticks or to use as accent on your lips or within other spots of your makeup.

makeup review stargazer glitter lipstick silver

Glitter Lipstick Green – I can already see a love/hate relationship with this one coming up. A very sheer green with green glitter, at first I thought the glitter from this one would stick together and it looked that way in my bathroom where I applied it. In my bedroom it would look perfectly fine, I love the greenish hint and think it would look perfect with ombre black lips and probably will look great with my orange lipsticks as well!

makeup review stargazer glitter lipstick green

Glitter Lipstick Orange – Is it ok to call a glitter-color an everyday color? Because that’s what I think this color could become to me. Sheer Orange with iridescent glitter, feeling so soft on your lips like it was a balm. And actually that’s all I can say, no picture will do this lovely thing any justice!

makeup review stargazer glitter lipstick orange piercing

Please note: when first applying Stargazer glitter lipsticks it might take a bit of rubbing to your lips before the color and the glitter starts to show and stay on your lip, after first use it will be perfectly fine. All lipsticks were put on after cleaning my lips, without any primer. So, I’m hooked again – definitely will stop by their webshop again very soon and get some more treasues to show to you! Oh, and on a sidenote: This is the first post with pictures taken with my new camera (Canon EOS 700D) as well!

Do you like glitter accents in your own makeup? What are your favourites? Have a nice evening!