Places: Asse & Bismarck-Turm

by Schnauzevoll

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I have to apologize, tried to finish some outfit post for today but when I was looking at the pictures I was not happy at all so here we have another travel-post instead. This time we visited the Bismarckturm (Bismarcktower) and the Asse ruin near Wittmar, Germany. The day we went was very nice weather, which I can only recommend when visiting since you have to walk quite a while through nature and some parts of your way are steep and with too much rain could become dangerous.

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The Bismarckturm (named after Otto von Bismarck) was built 1900/1901. You can enter the 23m high tower at daytimes, during spring to autumn. On top of the tower is a fire bowl installed which after some research sadly is not used anymore. As long as the weather is not too foggy you have a very nice view on the Harz foreland and should be able to even see the Brocken. If you would like to support the people who take care of this place: HVA (Heimat- und Verkehrsverein Asse) or visit the Website of Samtgemeinde Asse

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Only a few hundred meters away from the Bismarckturm you reach the ruin of the Asseburg (simply follow the hiking trail) which once was one of the biggest medieval strongholds in northern Germany. It was build 1218-1223 and after being sold and fought over has been burnt down in 1492, some parts are left as they were, some were restored. In the nearby tavern ‘Waldgasthaus zur Asse’ you can see a model of the Asseburg / how it looked like when it was still undestroyed. Some parts of the ruin still have very dark spots which look like they were caused by that fire, on other spots you will be able to see the new residents / mice, spiders, we also thought we saw a fox’s den. Even though not much might be left of the castle, walking through that area makes you divine how impressive it must have been back in the days.

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As well as the castle itself, the Asse boadleaf forest and environment has had some colorful (in a bad way) history, was under attack during previous wars and still has a lot visible bomb craters, nature slowly takes over them again. Other parts of the Asse, a former salt mine is now used as permanent repository which causes political discussions on a regular basis (on a sidenote).

With it being spring in Europe, what are your plans for the week? Or do you live in a place where the weather is getting colder right now? Have a nice evening!