WGT 2015

by Schnauzevoll

Hey there, Internet!

As said sadly not many pictures of this WGT that I could share with you. Next time (probably for Amphi festival in July already) I will take some charging device with me so my mobile won’t run out of energy that fast (Since on festivals I prefer camping the Canon camera will have to stay at home – definitely not leaving something as expensive alone in a tent)

wgt2015 baendchen wristbandwgt2015 24 wave gotik treffen leipzig kunst am brauzaunwgt2015 wave gotik treffen leipzig agra

Everything started quite stressfull this year – German trains went on strike so I was offering the empty space in my car to other people instead of driving on my own (in the end there was a guy from the camping group from America who joined.) A lot of other people tried to sell their tickets or had big problems getting to their destination. Then again this year we had the best weather possible, nearly no rain (only a bit during the times when you would get ready in the morning anyways and a bit more on monday but we definitely had worse years, only a week earlier most forecast websites said it would be a quite rainy WGT!) I also was very happy when I saw the kind of pretty dark green camping wristbands this year, they were definitely worth a picture, thanks for that! Another thing I noticed this time there were a lot of people with wheelchairs, having quite a lot of friends who need one on their own and knowing how much trouble going out with it can be for them this made me really happy. BTW, Kunst am B(r)auzaun for all the people who went there without the Obsorgekarte and hence were not able to see this annual artwork, there always is a group decorating some of the fences at the camping ground with empty beer cans!

wgt2015 wave gotik treffen mendebrunnen leipzigwgt2015 wave gotik treffen leipzig voelkerschlacktdenkmalwgt2015 cemetary wave gotik treffen

So there were even less concerts I was able to see full length this year than I expected and I’m actually wondering how people manage to see much more bands at all – I apologize to everyone I only met for a few seconds before running to the next place and to those that I promised I would meet and then didn’t manage to, hopefully next year! This year I didn’t even manage to visit Sixtina once, at least had some Bitch Shifter Absinthe Cocktail at Agra and some food from the Heido / Heidnisches Dorf / Medieval Market.
Friday had an awesome start with L’ame Immortelle (website) as opening act, loved them 15 years ago and still do! It was amazing to see so many people being in Agra from the very first tunes, dancing, singing along, enjoying their music, LAI definitely were able to reach everyone.
Saturday was quite lazy for me, saw a few moments of the concerts in Agra before heading to the fetish party (and being angry with myself for not taking the dress with me that I actually wanted to wear that day. Of course you are able to wear whatever you want every day you want but running through the streets in a latex nurse dress probably would get me even more strange looks than I’m used to.) Whatever, it was amazing to see everyone being just themselves without caring what other people think about them. Quality time.
Sunday probably was my most favourite concert, had to leave early to get to Täubchental in time (60-90 minutes by tram, felt like much longer) to see Unterschicht (website). Those guys probably are perfect for everyone who is more into electronic sounds, still offering melodies that non-industrial-dancing people can enjoy, too. This concert had some even more awesome moments when Bruno Kramm joined the stage and they performed Destillat together. A while after the concert I left to Agra again (seriously, ended there every day this year?!) saw a few moments of Mono Inc, not enough to be able to say anything though.
Monday started with the used to ‘It will be over soon’, painful feeling, perfect mood to head to the Southern Cemetary (Südfriedhof). Did not take the guided tour but had a nice walk with a friend before heading to (guess what!) Agra. I remember seeing Terrolokaust a few years ago and even though there were good back then they improved a lot! Then headed to Felsenkeller for SOKO Friedhof (website) who also were as amazing as expected! Perfect Setlist for a festival, a lot of the old songs with some of their newer ones in between. And Lilith Munster did a great first show with SOKO, too! Afterwards one last journey to Agra, arrived when everyone left after Combichrist finished their show so there was nothing more to do than dance until the lights turned on and we got kicked out. (yes, could not find any other description for that, sure the people working there deserved their home time but as one of the girls said they would not be allowed to sell us one last beer to go as soon as the light gets turned on I kinda felt a bit sad that I chose Agra instead of Moritzbastei where they were still dancing.)

wgt2015 wave gotik treffen soko friedhofwgt2015 unterschicht wave gotik treffenwgt2015 itsblackfriday wave gotik treffen

Pictures above: Soko Friedhof with new female part (Lilith Munster). Thanks to Sven / Malecnom from Unterschicht for taking the middle picture with me & sending it to me afterwards, was an awesome concert, hoping to see you guys again very soon! And also thank you to It’s black friday for the right picture – Sorry pretty lady, your skin is simply too pale for an iPhone cam! All in all it was a very nice WGT and I’m looking forwards to next year as well as to Amphi in July (and if my car passes the MOT without huge investments maybe Mera Luna, too – would be a shame to miss a festival which takes place about 30/45 Minutes from my door…)

Have you been to WGT this year? Planning to go there next year? Or maybe another festival? Have a nice evening!