Random 15-05

by Schnauzevoll

Hey there, Internet!

Random Post on this blog include random pictures and thoughts that appeared during the past month and that will never fit into another post.

random creature cups skull

Maybe some inspiration though or maybe you can answer one of the questions / thoughts?

* Why do people add background music to their blogs? – instantly makes me go off that blog.
* On Liebster Blog Awards… Thank you to Maria from Deus Ex Machina for nominating me here and thank you to our Professor for also nominating me here – aaaand to 1666X30 (holy bat, what’s your name?!) from Mutant Stomping Friends for nominating me here – I won’t do another Liebster Award Post since I did mine here but definitely saving your awesome Questions for the case of ‘bloggers block’ or lack of inspiration in general! Plus I love to see this kind of posts running around the goth blogosphere, lovely to read personal things about all of you, brings us closer to each other! Oh and while I’m on it, thanks to Ms Ladyfair (Bien Aimeé) for mentioning me on her Post, too, click here!
* Anyone else suffering from festival-panic & festival-blues? One would think dressing this way all year round would make travelling easy but you always notice a lot of things are missing a few seconds before you leave. And do you know that ‘naked & alone’ feeling when you return from a weekend with your friends?
* Camera! I finally managed to get one – in the end went with Canon EOS 700D, probably will have to play around and try a lot with this pretty thing before I can offer nice quality pics so until I’m happy with the results I will stick to the used-to mobile & webcam pictures.
* Anyone knows how to loosen a stuck piercing ball? I could not change my lip piercing for my life but have such a pretty cone that I would love to wear.

And here are my most favourite / inspiring posts from other blogs this past month:

* Lauren, a brief ‘hairstory’ – Creme de Lauren is a blog about Lauren, Wolfgang (furry companion!) and her creative stuff and after she mentioned she had a lot of different haircolors & -styles I of course asked for more, thank you for sharing!
* Runes on Downstrodden Blog – This has been reposted by hocuspocus13, a blog that I really can recommend for your daily bit of inspiration and OMG thank you for reposting this article and this way sending me to that awesome blog!
* Beauty in bloodGothic.life blog shares the art Jen Lewis created with her period blood. Sorry I really like ideas like this, natural things simply should not be called disgusting in any way. Plus these are really beautiful and from a monochome-home girl (except the pumpkin kitchen) I actually would accept a red including painting like these in my cave.

What about you, was this month a creative one or do you have anything you are still thinking about? Have a nice evening!