Places: Kaiserpfalz Werla

by Schnauzevoll

Hey there, Internet!

Today’s Pictures are from that Trekking day I told you about in my latest OOTD post. One of the places we went to was the Kaiserpfalz Werla, a medieval excavation place located in Lower Saxony, Western Harz Area and only a few minutes by car from Wolfenbüttel. There was no new village built on this place so you can actually walk through the entire area and get an idea of how big it must have been back in the days.

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During the excavations archaeologists were able to save a lot of this stronghold and they still continue their work here. According to Wikipedia it was built during and after the 9th century. Besides the ruins and additional reconstructions you will see a lot of information boards which will tell you about the researches results and also about the natural surrounding, for example you can learn about how natural terraces emerge.

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Since 2013 You can even have your wedding in this pretty place, there is a register office installed for that kind of events! (Contact for that matter: Standesamt Schladen-Werla) Celebrating your wedding here will only be a small amount of money which will be used by them to continue that awesome project. And thank you to the Mayor, Mr. Memmert who we met on our way back to the cars and who said it would be ok to publish this post!

What do you think, would this be worth a trip to Germany? would you consider getting married in a place like this? If yes: modern or medieval style wedding? Have a nice evening!