A chirp for help – a different kind of DIY

by Schnauzevoll

Hey there, Internet!

Whe I returned from a day full of visiting nice places, nature, friends and laughing I heard a horribly loud chirping. Following that sound I found this little guy, a baby Chickadee sitting on my balcony. Obviously too young to fly yet and he desperately tried to create a nest on his own with all the herbs he could find by jumping around – definitely a nice smelling nest though.

garden baby birdgarden baby chickadee

I felt so sorry for this little guy that I went through my flat looking for something that would help. What I found were some seeds that I like to add to my food so I always have some in my kitchen, oatflakes and stuff like that, put it into a bowl, same with fresh water in another bowl. He continued shouting for his parents who then sometimes came by, nomming some seeds, giving the baby a bit of food and leave again. Then I found my brush and had an idea! I would build an alternative Bird nest:

What you need:

* Bowl or spare planting pot
* Soft filling – I used some of the lllamasqua black paper filling things (bird’s choices would probably be grass, leaves, moss and similar things)
* Hair – will keep the little one as warm as their parents feathers would.

Simple as is: stuff the filling in and then put the hair inside so the little bird can snuggle up to some warm material!

diy birdnest

Baby Chickadee instantly was curious what I had to offer, jumped in and picked around and when his parents came for the next visit they started chirping like crazy, so he started to take all the herbs he collected already and put them into the nest that I offered. Now here I am hoping he will survive when I am away from home for a few days – his parents should help him to do so…

Have you ever ‘adopted’ a baby something? any advise? Is it true that baby birds who have been touched by a human will be rejected by their parents? Have a nice evening!