Today’s Outfit & Makeup 15-05

by Schnauzevoll

Hey there, Internet!

May I introduce you to one of the most casual / cozy styles that one will ever see me in? Simple reason: Went trekking with two friends and noone actually needs to dress up for that. To be honest, we all are covered in sweat and dirt, Makeup would be washed or rubbed away and every hairstyle would break after a full day out. Definitely have some pictures of the places we went to to share with you very soon!

ootd 1505 casual crimped orange hairootd 1505 casual blackmilk

What I’m wearing

Top: H&M – I think from last spring? It keeps you warm but still you can feel the wind flow through it.
Pants: Leggings by Blackmilk Clothing (Leg Bones 2.0), Some ripped tights and a fake leather short on top.


None actually, Fledermausbrille because I don’t want to be blind but everything else one could call an accessory was a huge backpack, water, food, emergency kit and a raincape.


Face: Simple smokey-eyes, Lush’s Lip-Service to have at least soft lips.
Hair: Crimped and a tad bit of hairspray on top. Looked wild in the morning, will look as wild in the evening. Random Hairtie to keep the hair on my head’s back together. Jana found a new hobby and took the spiders that wanted to move in my hair out, same with all the leaves and grass, I simply am a dirt magnet.
Nails: Naked because of the dirt I mentioned.

How do you dress when going out in the woods or to do some sport? Have a nice evening!