Bat Fit 15-05

by Schnauzevoll

Hey there, Internet!

With my last post / Zombies, Run! which has been and will be a part of my Bat Fit routine I just had to take a look at the goals I set in December and I’m quite happy to see that I actually reached my mid year goal already! Yes I know one should not stick to numbers that much but this time I did: Scale said my weight has dropped to under 70kgs again!

batfit baby weights

Simply removing sugar and starch (and avoiding food with a lot of that inside) helped a lot but since muscles need a bit of love, too I added a 20-30 minutes workout to every day and some more (plus a bit of running / swimming) on my days off work. Probably should switch to bigger weights soon though or get those ‘put-on-weights’ for running hours, anyone uses them and can tell me if they are worth buying?

The only bad thing that happened healthwise was when I went to the doctors late April and got told I won’t only have to remove everything lactose from my list but also stay gluten free – and all those tasty but agressive things like onions, hot food,… – or my stomach will stay this painfully sore (enough crying now, promised!) This means a lot of things that I usually used in cooking now won’t see my kitchen again for a long time and I have to browse the web for new things to cook.

Anyone else here still sticking to their Bat Fit things? Or maybe you have some receipe for me? Have a nice evening!