Mobile! Zombies, Run!

by Schnauzevoll

Hey there, internet!

Let’s do a quick game of ‘what’s on our mobiles’! – Yes this seems to be a very common topic these days on alternative blogs BUT some apps I really love were missing on all of the lists I’ve seen so far! (and I’m serious on this, I wanted to introduce you to a few in one post but the first app already got me into writing too much so better one by one I guess!)

mobile broken iphone apps

Besides the common social network stuff (Facebook, Youtube, Skype,…), photo and blogging apps (Bloglovin’, WordPress) there are quite a lot of spooky themed apps that can help in emergency of sudden boredom or even to help us get in better shape! The first App (available both for Android, Iphone and Ipod touch) I would like to introduce you to is something that will for sure make you addicted to running!

Zombies, Run! (you can find the official site here and the official Blog here)

I usually don’t like to run around because that’s what I do in my job quite often. But when I first opened the game and went out into the dark parks to actually start running I could not stop and was looking forwards to my next night off to go out and run again – same thing happened to a lot of my friends (for example, see Louise / Queen of the Wild Frontier)… So when you’re trying to get into shape, why not with this app? (ok, after a break and all that I probably will have to start from the beginning again, too – maybe someone wants to join? starting over together is even more fun! Especially since they announced season 4 for May, 14th on their Facebook Page) The story continues, you build your base ‘Abel’ over time, it is up to you how much and how fast you can run and what kind of run you want to do each time you open the app, noone is looking down on you when you are not the best runner in the world. So share your runs and stats, see your progress and simply enjoy some Zombie Apocalypse happening right around you instead of watching it on TV!

They already have a nice in-game-instruction that actually explains what you need to know in the beginning here: Welcome to Zombies, Run! Walk, jog or run, wherever you want, as long as you like. Listen to the story through your headphones.We’ll mix in your music with the story. If you’re chased by zombies you’ll have to speed up! You’ll pick up items as you run. The game unfolds automatically, there are no buttons to press. When you’re finished, use supplies to build up a bigger base. Join our free ZombieLink service to view and share your runs on our website. It’s time to save the human race. Headphones in? Are you ready?

oh, btw – how about joining other goths in getting healthy in BatFit Facebook group?

Have you tried this app? Or maybe share some other spooky themed or healthy must have apps with us? Have a nice evening!