DIY! Spider & Cobweb Bathroom Mirror!

by Schnauzevoll

Hey there, Internet!

To be honest, I needed a kitchen break and since I needed a bathroom mirror, too I started a very quick DIY. Oh, and have you ever been in a bathroom without a mirror? Such a strange feeling staring at a wall instead of a mirror while washing your hands or brushing your teeth! And sorry for simple lightbulb, haven’t actually started working on my bathroom yet.

diy bathroom mirror spider cobwebdiy bathroom mirror spider cobweb detail

What you will need

* Mirror (I went with the cheapest I could find, wooden, white polished 45x45cm for maybe 5€ or 10€)
* Black Polish (I used China Glaze Texture / Sand Polish in ‘Bump in the night’, Black Nailpolish so probably every kind of paint / polish you have around should work)
* Tiny Brush (I used my nailart brush since I used nailpolish anyways)
* Plastic Spider (This one is from a Home Decor Shop, Depot from last year’s Halloween and is my first choice since it is covered in sparkling dust)
* Glue (Uhu Super-Glue for me)
* Paper for trying lines
* Maybe some pencil when you feel insecure on drawing things free handed, then additional you will need a rubber for removing the lines later of course.
* Workplace with foil or paper on top so you won’t stain anything.

How to DIY this

Of course, use your prepared workplace for this, mirror lying in front of you and with everything you need around…

First you should try to do the thinnest lines possible with the polish, that’s what the paper would be used for, once satisfied start trying to create cobwebs with those thin lines, remember there are different styles of spider webs, maybe some will be easier for you to draw than others?

Again, when satisfied with the way your paper-webs look like, continue with the next step – the mirror! When you feel insecure drawing you can use a pencil to pre-draw the webs (be careful to not press too much, color can be removed with a rubber afterwards, pushed in material / wood can not.) When you feel comfortable drawing spiderwebs with the polish alone, ignore the pencil step – I did a few different webs on the mirror frame, some with sharp lines, some with a couple of similar lines over each other to get a bit dirty / old web look, since I used a sand nailpolish i got a dusty effect anyways.

For the spider I decided to do the biggest / center piece web on the upper third part of the right side of the frame, I added a single thread / line from the web to the point where I wanted the spider to be. Make sure the polish is dry before you continue.

When the Polish is dry, add a bit of glue to the point where you want your spider to sit (remember you might want to clean the mirror once in a while, spiderlegs can be annoying to wipe around) and a bit of glue to the spider itself, superglue usually works best when it is already starting to get dry, then put the spider in place and let it dry.

That’s it already, when everything is dry simply hang the mirror in place!

Did you do anything creative this week? Did you decorate a mirror or did something similar? – Share it with us? Have a nice evening!