Monthly Homework April – Nature

by Schnauzevoll

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monthly homework assignment

Our Professor gave us our task for the Homework of April, theme this month is Nature (huh, I’m a day early…)! That theme again gave me a headache, so many things that one could do for this topic but since I wanted to introduce you to an abandoned Cemetary that now is a park with nature more and more taking over it I will combine these two posts here! So I’d like to take you with me to Alter Friedhof Wolfenbüttel / Old Cemetary – Located at the Friedrich-Wilhelm-Straße / close to the Jägermeister-Building. It was active from 1660-1940 and as far as I was able to do my research was made mainly for soldiers in the beginning. As always no graves with readable names displayed here since I like to focus on nature, atmosphere and the art used for stones and sculpted angels / or crosses in this case. But for those of you who are interested in this kind of stuff: you can find the grave of the mother of Wilhelm Raabe (German writer and artist, Jacob Corvinus) on this cemetary.

cemetary wolfenbuettel alterfriedhof mossy grave cemetary wolfenbuettel alter friedhof cross wood ivycemetary wolfenbuettel alter friedhof snail

Most of the stones are covered by moss, ivy or other plants already (2nd row, pic on the left you can see a stone that even has been moved apart by a tree), you can see spiders and snails making the stones a nice new home for themselves and even though it now is a park and located quite near the city you barely will meet anyone here – maybe a few people who take their dogs for a walk.

cemetary wolfenbuettel alter friedhof tree moved stonecemetary wolfenbuettel alter friedhof fixed stonecemetary wolfenbuettel alter friedhof ivy graves

Some of the stones of course have been tried to fix by adding horribly ugly pieces of metal but there is nothing that you can do when nature wants a spot on earth back (above row, midddle picture, the stone is ‘fixed’ but still leaning to the side and moss is growing on it.

cemetary wolfenbuettel alter friedhof abandonedcemetary wolfenbuettel alter friedhof treecemetary wolfenbuettel alter friedhof nature

Of course there are impressive, huge, trees, too – but the local ravens seem to prefer another park that is about 15 Minutes away from here, not saying here are none but by far not as many as you expect to be in such a quiet place. Hope you enjoyed this post and the pictures! This time it was really hard deciding for the top 9 since this place has so many great spots that I would love to show all of!

Now I want to take a look at the other entries ❤ Have a nice evening!