Lips! Illamasqua Version!

by Schnauzevoll

Hey there, Internet!

Since a lot of my Lipsticks and Glosses went empty and while researching on cruelty free Makeup it seems MAC falls off my shopping list for good (ugh, did I really miss that for 2 years?!). But since a lot of my other favourite / used-to Makeup brands are cruelty free i am fine with completely switching to them and it even gives me an excuse to go on a few shopping adventures! And so here is an invitation to you to join me on my hunt for some new favourite lip-products, starting today with Illamasqua, a brand that I think most alternative people have heard of already.

Illamasqua offers Loyal Member discount and on their Website they also have some Online-Special / Bundles that are even cheaper! They ship worldwide if not stated otherwise (some products seem to not be able to ship to a few countries due to custom laws or need special shipping). Their classic Lipsticks (RRP: £18.50) are highly pigmented and usually on the matt finish side while the Glamore Lipsticks (RRP £18.50) come in satin finish and are a bit less pigmented. The Lipglosses (RRP £16.50) are split into Intense / highly pigmented and Sheer Lipglosses.

Lipsticks – Illamasqua Lipsticks are a bit sweet scented but not noticeable once you applied them. The lipsticks were all applied on clean lips without liner. They include 4g/0.14OZ and should be used within 18 months after opening.

illamasqua lipstick pristine growl maneater flareillamasqua lipstick pristine growl maneater flare

Lipstick / Pristine / Pure Black, matt finish – Probably was the first product I’ve ever had from Illamasqua and the one that got me excited for this brand. I would not totally agree on the matt finish but maybe that’s because my Pristine is quite old already, probably the newer ones are more matt? Maybe that also is the reason why it won’t stick to the area above my piercing? (that’s a problem I have with most highly pigmented lipsticks though and NOT Illamasqua’s fault. – also the reason why I usually combine them  with a bit of lipgloss on the inner area). Anyways, what sticks to the lips sticks for long. Would take quite some effort to ‘rub it off’ or eating a lot of ice-cream to make it fade!

illamasqua lipstick pristine

Lipstick / Growl / Rich Mahagony Brown, matt finish – This, to me, is the perfect everyday shade! Like all the Illamasqua lipsticks I’ve tried so far takes 1-2 times of cleaning until it stays off the piercing ball and same as Pristine stays on even when you need to eat a bit.

illamasqua lipstick growl

Lipstick / Maneater / Classic Cheryy Red, matt finish – Bright red lipsticks is probably what I am a bit afraid of using because it is so difficult to find the right shade for your skin. I really enjoy this one though, as Illamasqua describes it is a classic cherry red and even though it is so bright it still looks quite natural to me.

illamasqua lipstick maneater

Lisptick / Flare / Bright Orange – Of course with the new hair color I needed a matching lipstick so I fell for Flare. Sadly it applies a bit flakey to my lips but with a bit of the Touch lipgloss on top I thought it was perfect (as seen in my latest outfit Post)

illamasqua lipstick flare

Lipglosses – Illamasqua Lipglosses come with a brush applicator, might be a bit difficult at first but I got used to this really quick. They are a bit fruity-scented but once applied you probably won’t notice it at all anymore. Photos taken with glosses applied without any liner on clean lips. They include 7ml and should be used 9 months after opening.

illamasqua intense lipgloss touch repulse swatchillamasqua intense lipgloss touch repulse packaging

Intense Lipgloss / Touch / Red, fine shimmer – Feels a bit sticky at first and needed 3 cleanings of my piercing before it did not stain but afterwards was fine and did not run out of place at all. Depending on the lightning appears bloody red or a bit pinker. This is a very nice Lipgloss to wear on its own or to add a bit of red shimmer / color ontop of a Lipstick.

illamasqua intense lipgloss touch

Intense Lipgloss / Repulse / Pure Black – Same as Touch, a bit sticky at first and also 3 cleanings of my piercing before it did not stain anymore and it did not run out of place. As expected, it is a very opaque black (and believe me, I tried a lot of black lipglosses so far) Of course, black lip-products make your teeth appear a bit yellow, still when you’re looking for a shiny black lip-product, go for Repulse.

illamasqua intense lipgloss repulse

Sadly the Dark Green Lipgloss (I think it was Violate, sheer Lipgloss?) I got in my Glossybox a few years ago is now discontinued and I seem to not have any pictures of it anymore.

What are your staple lip products? Any Illamasqua Hiding in there? Have a nice evening!