Random 15-04

by Schnauzevoll

Hey there, Internet!

Here’s another Random-Post – some thoughts and pictures that popped up during the past month and would not yet and probably never will fit into a post.

tattoo pokemon jessie james team rocket

Maybe some inspiration though or maybe you know the answer to one of the questions / thoughts?

* How long are 7 working days in the post office when they have been on strike for 2 days & there are easter holidays? – When he had my WGT-Tickets instead of ringing my doorbell he simply threw a yellow letter in my mailbox that I have to pick it up at the post office… called them to ask and they said it will still be there friday, 10th / my next day off…
* Who will I meet this WGT?
* How can I put that search bar on top of my blog? or maybe add a second menu for search / follow things?
* I’m 27, turning 28, why can’t I turn my head off? Sometimes, just sometimes?
* Lactose intolerance strikes again, Soy-Milk here I come.
* Still clueless on how to add google friend connect to wordpress and even though I got a mail on that I still can’t put my avatar on Open ID in my comments – redirecting from Blogspot to WordPress also does not seem to work so adding ‘new post’ posts for a while…
* This made me laugh: Another change in post-frequency: A post every 3 days seems to be ok for now.
* Will the black plants / fruits really come in black? Did: black tomatoes, strawberries, chilis, peppers and some flowers, some start to grow already!
* Really looking forwards to april, 21st when I get my sidecut tattoo expanded!
* Go for better Lightning or Better Camera first?
* Still looking for those summer-thin-cotton full length coats from the 90’s – and since those years seem to be a thing this year maybe I can buy instead of sew? (currently so much to do and not enough time to actually sit down and sew concentrated…)

And here are my most favourite / inspiring posts from other blogs this month:

* Last but not least – Bloodycancer is run by that lovely lady who literally saved me last year. I wish her the best of luck to find what she is looking for in switzerland (and hope to see her again very soon <3) and whenever you are crying about the tiny problems in your life – read this and move your ass because someone probably has bigger problems and still keeps fighting.
* Shiggycreme 2000 – Blanc et noir, Vegan Beauty Blog – Sorry, german Blog here but I really had a great time reading and rereading this post! You can always make me happy with posts that include Pokémon and especially when it still has some quality content like this one! I also highly recommend this blogs lists on cruelty free / vegan cosmetics (I still am on my way to switch all my makeup and beauty products to equals on her green list, takes some time and effort since my skin is such an oily bitch and I am very picky with strength and scents of my hair products but getting there!)
* Let’s Talk 90’s – Bien-Aimée, gosh my head hurts from nodding so hard, awesome article and memories!

Any thoughts you would like to share? What has inspired you the most this month? Have a nice evening!