Today’s Outfit & Makeup 15-04

by Schnauzevoll

Hey there, Internet!

Spring is here and I was visiting some friends for a barbecue today / yesterday and afterwards went to a small former cemetary / now park for a completely relaxed evening. My haircolor (Manic Panic, Psychedelic Sunset) was a bit faded already but I wanted to work with my curling iron which always takes a bit of color away so that’s ok. My hair / head looks quite strange these days but only one more week (april, 21st!) until i get fresh ink to stuff that empty space that appeared where i expanded my sidecut and I’ll be fine again. Makeup is on the orange side, too since I got some new Illamasqua lipsticks & glosses that I needed to try immediately of course.

ootd1504 manicpanic psychedelicsunset fledermausbrilleootd1504 heavyred bibianblue

As said on the the last hair post – sorry for the Photo-Quality, already spying for nice deals on the Canon eos 600D & similar Cameras so my iPhone can retire to being a simple phone again.

What I’m wearing

Dress: Heavy-Red
Corset: Bibian Blue (sadly a few sizes too big but works well when you know it will be a food packed day)
paired with the usual Black Milk wetlook leggings and oversized H&M summer cotton jacket, both not shown in the pictures


Glasses: Fledermausbrille
Necklace: Heavy-Red
plus some rings, wristbands, tunnels & earrings from various stores…

Do the seasons affect your hair & makeup, too or only your clothes? Have a nice evening!