Flat Update 15-04 / Kitchen Part 2

by Schnauzevoll

Hey there, Internet!

Here’s a small update on my kitchen, you can find the post on Kitchen Part 1 here… During the months of March and April I was not that good at sticking to only working on my kitchen as I was hoping I would be (means, I added / worked on a lot of things for the other rooms, too and hence didn’t do that much in my kitchen) but still, let’s pretend that did not happen and stick to the kitchen for this post.

Of course each time I go to the store I go there with a list of everything still missing in my kitchen and return with maybe one or two things from that list but there are also things like this tea that I really can’t resist (same with decor for other rooms or sweets or whatever things to offer to guests) Who came up with the idea of a spooky castle and cute ghost packaging for a tea that is supposed to make you (or actually children) fall asleep more easy?


Anyways, the bright, cheap wooden colored boxes / my ‘kitchen-shelf’ was painted with pumpkin-like-orange polish and I got some more storage boxes – will switch to glass-jars though as soon as I find matching ones! For my sitting/working area I got this kitchen-bar, cheapest one with storage won since there is still a lot of the orange paint left so I won’t end with a white bar in my kitchen and I can always sew a set of tablecloths from the green / olive fabric that you can see lying on one of the chairs.

kitchen-bar-wordpress kitchen-ceiling_velvet_spider-wordpress kitchen-shelf_zombie_cat_curtains-wordpress

Yesterday two friends helped me to move the kitchen door to the cellar room (so much more space in my kitchen now!) and tonight I added the second of 3 velvet pieces to the ceiling.

During the last few weeks I lost some of my herbs. When I went to buy new soil it obviously came with some kind of bugs who instantly started nomming on my plants – sadly I noticed that when it was already too late for a lot of them / went to work and to bed and woke up to find a lot of them looking very sad already. Of course tried my best to save all of them but was only successful to a few. Anyways, learned my lesson – a workmate said when using new soil I should put it into the oven to destroy bug-eggs that could be hiding. Did that and it seems to be true, so far no new bugs have been seen! Plus: my flat now smells like a cemetary (oven-heat + soil = smell of fire and fresh soil for days.)

Next things to do in this room: Tablecloth for the bar, paint the chairs orange, put colored foils on the tiles and fridge, add last piece of velvet to the ceiling, buy a sink and then decorate! Seems like a lot to do but actually I think it won’t take too long to finish now – hope to ‘finish’ until maybe August?

Are you currently working on any of your rooms? What are you going to change? Have a nice evening!