Festival Preparation: Wave Gotik Treffen 2015 & Short Review: WGT 2014

by Schnauzevoll

Hey there, Internet!

It’s that time of year again, WGT 2015 is just around the corner. and like every year there is hoping we would be able to see the bands we love. I always try to settle for my top 5 favourites because with all the other things to do and meeting so many friends again more would be too much stress. And thanks to the running order this time I actually will be able to see all of them, too: L’ame Immortelle, Eisbrecher, Soko Friedhof, Deine Lakaien and Unterschicht. (Just noticed that it’s the first time only german bands are on my list, too)

Most of my used-to-camping group people seem to be in a hotel this year or due to missing money not able to go to WGT at all so Lenore and I had to look for some new group to go camping with, I am positive the people we ‘met’ on Facebook will be a perfect camping group for us to join!

And since I did not do a post on that, a short ‘looking back at WGT 2014‘ here:

I don’t remember a WGT this hot at all… Maybe this was the reason why I barely saw any band and we went from one cold drink to the next and from one shadow to the next (or air conditioned room)? Wondering how people (like my friend Alex and his girl) managed to wear big victorian clothes and survive that! The gummi spiders I bought for breakfast (yeah, healthy as every year, Coffee, Absinthe, sweets and fast food…) that you can see on the first picture didn’t make it to the end of the festival – not because we ate them, but they were completely molten the first day already (someone remembers that 90’s cartoon series gummibears? Pretty sure they would have enjoyed that hot sticky drink) The Heido (Heidnisches Dorf, medieval fair next to Agra) was or seemed to be a bit emptier than the previous years, too and the people who were there tried to hide in the few shadow spots. And I was tempted to hand the poor skeleton in front of the Sixtina Absinthe-Bar some umbrella or fan – even though a fan would not have been too usefull, mine broke after 3 days of non-stop-usage.

wgt2014 absinthe gummyspider wgt2014 heido medieval wgt2014 skeleton sixtina

The bands we saw did a great job though – seriously, hot weather, moving / singing or playing your instrument AND having some more light that probably doubles the heat! We went to Umbra et Imago, Mantus, half show of Oomph! and an awesome gig of my greek ‘brother’ Sakis with Nano Infect (plus his girl Dima <3) which took place at Täubchental which was a new location. Still sad we didn’t have a chat afterwards, hopefully next time!

wgt2014 nano infect wgt2014 black food saucewgt2014 sixtina absinthe goth

Last picture is by Karsten Uwe Meyer a friend of mine & a great artist in general (we met at WGT 2011 when he went simply to watch the awesome outfits but ever since he seems to slowly come to the dark side on his own!) See his entire WGT 2014 Gallery Here

Who else will be in Leipzig for Wave Gotik Treffen this year, what are your plans? Have a nice evening!