Hair 15-04 or: suddenly Misty.

by Schnauzevoll

Hey there, Internet!

There was a time that I was able to stick to a hair color for a long time – been on the green-petrol-blue side for a few years but lately with all the changes in my life it seems I also can’t settle on a hair color. Been happy with the blonde/light copper color for about three months but now I got bored. Good thing: my hair hates color, nothing will stick to it for a long time. Strangely enough the black was really hard to get rid of. For semi permanent colors after trying for what seemed like ages Manic Panic worked best for me so far, hence I was browsing their colors again.


This time I wanted something orange, in the end went with Psychedelic Sunset… First I mixed the color 1:1 with my conditioner to get used to the color or maybe to make my workmates accept the new color a bit better. Then after a week or two I decided to dye it (pure color, left in for 30 minutes) looked into my mirror afterwards and realized my hair looked like Misty’s from Pokemon, the same color and I have the circa length – minus the sidecut of course


realizing how much I need a better camera and lightning at home… and yes, that’s the same picture that I already shared in smaller size with you, sorry! Right now not able to take pictures of the other side because I also shaved my sidecut a bit higher & wider and now need to add a bit to my Tattoo – hopefully I can do that before WGT!

So below I have some pictures for you of a few of the different colors that I’ve had over the past 4 years. the first pic is me with petrol hair at WGT 2011 (Wella Koleston 0/28, permanent Hair Dye which stayed in my hair for about 3 weeks before I had to redye and this for my hair is actually a long time). After a few years I got bored and wanted to try platinum blonde, second pic, my roots were perfectly fine, only the tips / bottom 5cm refused to get light enough in a healthy way so I started adding streaks & dipdyes mixing various Manic Panic colors together. In 2013 I went all black again with Wella Koleston as seen on the last pic and started in October 2014 to bleach again (reading this I feel sorry for my hair)


 haircolor-pink-wordpresshaircolor-bloodred-wordpress haircolor-black-wordpress

Now I hope to have found a color I can stick to again or at least to not use permanent black color on my hair so afterwards won’t have to kill my hair while bleaching the black out once more.

How about your hair experiences, color/cut? DIY or professional hairstylist? Have a nice evening!