Today’s Outfit & Makeup 15-03 (II)

by Schnauzevoll

Hey there, Internet!

This actually is an Outfit from last weekend but still I wanted to share it with you… By the way, these are the first pictures of me with my new hair color, thought i would add a bit of color for springtime – used Manic Panic’s Psychedelic Sunset and it is indeed as bright as on the pictures, looks like I colored my hair with a highlighter-pen! Makeup is my ‘everyday-on-the-town’ Makeup with glitter-red to black ‘ombre’ lips, winged eyeliner and this time red-brownish instead of black eyeshadow for the lids.

Ootd - Goth outfit, orange hair

What I’m wearing

Top: Simple H&M tanktop
Jacket: Jawbreaker
Pants: Bรคres (by

Accessoires (sorry, nearly the same stuff as last Outfit – guess I simply threw my favorites into my bag when leaving the house and visit my family (~250kms away so no way of ‘simply’ going back for a minute)
Earrings: Killstar
And again some stuff that has been around for ages or on which i’m not sure anymore where I got them from)

So I was kind of ‘stuck’ to my families flat since my car had to stay at the garage and I was not able to drive my moms car (sat in there, everything looked like in a science fiction movie so I left again, this was far too much buttons, lights, switches and whatever for a girl who is used to nearly no-electric-cars). Stil managed to go out a bit and meet some old friends and get stuffed with food and food and even more food (probably won’t have to eat anything for weeks). Somehow I didnt manage to go to the cemetary for some pictures but it won’t be long until I will come back for another visit so there’s a next chance!

Hope you had a nice weekend! Did anything exciting? Have a nice evening!