by Schnauzevoll

Hey there, Internet!

Being a major Part of my live and needing a lot of DIY / costumizing / tuning during the next years will be posted in the ‘my cave’ category, too.

With next month being April, 2015 my beloved car, a Chrysler LeBaron will turn 26 years. He was ‘born / built’ in 1988 (Eu-version) but been on the roads for the first time in April, 1989. I was able to buy him during my apprenticeship (in 2008 I think) and since then been sure he will be the one to drive until I won’t be able to drive anymore. Of course, older cars might be a tad bit more expensive, come with a backstory and need a lot of time and love, too. He has a few things that need to be done and I will try my best to get everything fixed step by step.

Chrysler, Le Baron

Who needs a prince on a white horse when you can have a LeBaron with convetible top? When attitude clothing sold a skull Gearknob earlier this year I just had to order one for his birthday. So this weekend we drove from Brunswick to Kamen for a family-visit and went to the Garage to get him checked and to change the Gearknob. When we wanted to pick him up on Friday they said the oil preassure switch was broken and so far they were not able to find one to exchange. That tiny part is quite important though, my Baron is losing oil and would break completely if I continued driving (besides that it is not allowed to drive when your car is losing oil). Calling everyone who might help, driving around to other Garages we found ONE! and ordered as fast as possible. Hopefully that part will arrive on Monday so we can get it fixed.

The Skull Gear Knob my Le Baron is getting for his birthday

So here I am, hoping everything will be ok and I will be able to drive back home on Monday (since I have to work, too). Already looking around for some other ‘hard to find’ stuff to avoid being in this situation again in the future. For example the bumper still is a bit broken from the previous owner and so far I havent been successfull finding a new one (only for other LeBaron types). Then of course planning the Outer Design. After 26 years I should think about antirust protection or fresh car paint – Those will have to wait for the bumper though.

For the Interior I will keep the dark grey leather seats since they are still ok-ish and more comfortable than a couch (<3) But definitely need to add some spiders or bats, black velvet or lace! – Maybe some pillows for the backseats or finally a radio that can play things from my ipod/iphone?! Also been thinking how to make it possible to add rolling shutters or something like that since I am not only driving to work but also longer distances to Family / Friends or Festivals or City / Cemetarty tours and sometimes simply need a nap or don’t want to book a hotel for one night when I’m in a city without someone I know.

Do you own your dream-car? What does or would it look like? Have a nice evening!