Bodymods: Scarification

by Schnauzevoll

Hey there, internet!

Don’t worry, no bloody-triggering pictures here, if you want to get progress pictures of the cutting process or the healing, drop me a mail to

So I am sure everyone has a scar or two they do not like to see / be reminded why they have it or think it’s ugly. Same with me, a Birthmark removal left a horribly looking scar on my back. After months and months of being annoyed whenever I looked at my back in the mirror (yes, happens.) I wondered if ugly scars can be turned to pretty scars. Tried some of the products that are said to lessen a scars volume and visibility but none seem to be working enough. Being a Bodymod-lover in general I thought I would ask my local piercer if she knew someone who does scarifications / cuttings. Luckily she just returned from a workshop for scarification on her own and so offered me a nice deal I could not resist.

We planned to do it in two steps, first simple bat shape silhouette and once healed we would do the body and head again for more definition and a higher body.

Before we started with the painful things she drew the outline with those tattoo-pens and used ‘Emla’ (medical balm, used for local anesthesica) on the area and did the papers that you have to do for every needle/cut/whatever work (at least in Germany) and all those questions on if I had enough food today and did not drink alcoholics, feeling well,…

The first cuts did not hurt more than plucking my eyebrows but with the balm being limited to a short time after a while (after an hour I think?) it hurt quite a lot – enough to make my blood preasure go down enough to make me feel really uncomfortable. So I was drinking coke, nomming lollipops and moving a bit from time to time to keep my blood preassure stay good enough to finish the process. (This coming from a person who does not feel pain when getting tattoos or piercings)

Anyways, what she did was first doing the outlines as seen in the first picture and then slowly filling in (um… or out?) the bat’s body by removing the upper layers of my skin. Unlike with tattoos you want a scarification to heal slowly so you get an actual scar. Means cleaning the area often which causes a bit of irritation to the wound. (here my head was screaming all the time: What are you doing, you know how to treat a wound properly, thats your job so stop this!) Some people would use a lot of different things on their scarification that I will not share on here because you might risk a major infection from that.

First Cut to my bat scarification Bat Scarification with first layers of new fresh skin my bat scarification in relation to my back

The middle picture shows how my cutting looked like after about 3 weeks when the entire area was covered with fresh skin again but before building more volume to it. Thrid picture is the scar in relation to my back (left wing to right wing about 15cm.) and with more volume. By now it simply is a lighter color.

All in all I think this is something you should think about even more than before getting a tattoo. It might not heal the way you want it to and is definitely not something you could cover. I don’t regret getting it done (even though I was not able to lay on my left side or on my back for 2 weeks) and definitely still want to do the planned second step / body for the second time) but sadly the lady who did it now works at a different tattoo-shop and won’t reply to my mails/facebook messages so I will have to look out for someone else to trust enough to do it.

How about you? any bodymods besides tattoos & piercings? Or would like to have any? Have a nice evening!