Random 15-03

by Schnauzevoll

Hey there, Internet!

This post is just a few thoughts & pics that popped up during the past month and would not yet and probably will never fit into a post. Maybe some inspiration though or maybe you know the answer to one of the questions?

* Why is there no deodorant with a simple patchouly scent?
* I am sure darkages.de once sold a room-scent spray thingie with patchouly, where did it go? I miss that a LOT!
* How can I switch WordPress from showing the entire posts to preview posts on my blog’s home page? – seems not available for this design (and I’m not yet able to do a new design from scratch, would love a small sidebar, too instead of top and bottom menu only) but well, switched to 5 instead of 10 posts and added the most used / important Category-Links to the Top Menu.
* How can I add a google connect thing to a wordpress blog? MUST be possible and seen it before but sadly I seem to be a bit ‘slow’ here.
* How can I redirect people from my old blogspot blog to wordpress?
* oh… need to change my plans it seems, posting more than I thought. Probably not 1 or 2 posts a month, probably a post each friday and trying for another one on monday/tuesday…?
* ugh, why do I fancy peachy/orange blushes this spring? (or the color orange in total… hence hair and the *need*-feeling while browsing illamasqua’s site)
* Spring me… plucking eyebrows again or stay natural?

IMG_0841 rockharzeotd IMG_2048

Any thoughts or maybe some more random things that YOU would like to share? Have a nice evening!