Today’s Outfit & Makeup 15-03

by Schnauzevoll

Hey there, internet!

Today a quick Outfit/Makeup post, sorry still only have the iphone camera and a horrible renovation mess in my flat (including bad lightning and all that) but well… ‘ok-ish temperature’ AND enough time today so why not! Already looking for a nice camera and planning for a spot in my flat where I could take proper pictures, too.


What I’m wearing (if you look close enough XD)
Top: Queen of Darkness
Top II (under pullover and hotpant for the garters that you sadly can’t see in the pic): H&M dessous dress
Pants: Black Level vinyl hotpants (from ages ago, fitting in again! sadly can’t find an official shop site)
Leggings: Black Milk Clothing – I eat Mice
Stockings: Leg Avenue cut off Tights
Boots: Solovair 8-hole steel toe cap’s

Glasses: Fledermausbrille (of course)
Earrings: Killstar
Necklace: Kept this from an old Lip-Service dress that sadly is no more.
+ a few things I have no idea where I got them from or are not visible in the pictures.

We went to starbucks today and thought we would stroll around in the city a bit but since the weather went worse decided to sit down and watch Prometheus instead of staying out and now my ‘be-creative-and-get-shit-done-in-your-flat’-time starts while listening to the WGT2015 ‘so-far’ playlist!

Hope you guys were able to enjoy your weekend – anything exciting happened? Have a nice evening!