by Schnauzevoll

Hey there, internet!

Today I would like to introduce you to Julia, a doll that I got when I was 2 years old (1989!). Well, I think everyone has a child in his heart and I refuse to put her away or keep her in a box, This now 25, turning 26 old girl belongs to me and especially since we share so many memories. One lovely day little me walked with her parents into a store where they had a decoration shelf with dolls, I ran there (as fast as those toddler-feet let me), grabbed Julia and said ‘LULA!’ refusing to put her back (usually I would listen to my parents, not this time though) They told the lady at the counter and she complimented that I was a great doll-mom. We went home, with Julia.

She soon turned into one of the best friends, siblings/daughter (depending) always being there when I needed her. Together we even went to Italy, Denmark and a lot of other places for holidays. Sadly one day while playing her eyes broke. They were opening and closing before, I refused to give her to the doll-doctor and so my parents used some good glue to put them back into her head. I thought about doll-doctors after that for a few time but still too afraid to send her via the postoffice.

Over time she of course grew and luckily enjoys the darker side, too… see: Doll-Goth

jul1 jul2 jul3

*cough* what she is wearing:

Head: Mini Spiderweb crown from etsy
Neck: An extra strap from my Skull-Handbag
Top: Selfmade Siouxsie and the Banshees shirt with Buttons
Bottom: Baby Leggings with skeleton Print
Bracelet: Leftover from my old Demonia Shoes
Shoes: Handmade by a Company that crafts Shoes for dolls
Bag: Knitted Skull-Messengerbag by my mom

Are there any childhood memories you keep like this? Have a nice evening!