by Schnauzevoll

Hey there, internet!

it seems I might post a bit more frequent than I thought I would in the beginning of my ‘Return to blog-land’. Damn you addicting time eating monster called blog <3.

Since I have been asked on the streets again today, here is a short review of a german brand called ‘Fledermausbrille’ that you maybe know from flyers at festivals. They are located in Düsseldorf, Germany (Ruhr-Area) but you can also reach them online at fledermausbrille.de – last time when I asked they replied that shipping overseas is possible.

They offer glasses and sunglasses in every shape you could desire – starting at (of course) different bats, pumpkins, coffin, cat shaped or even steampunk inspired glasses. With most of their glasses you can change the temple stems on your own, which you can also get in various designs (with silver details like bats, crosses, dragons, spiders or the newer spikes/piercing inspired) means they should be even easier to style! For a tad bit higher price you can get an engraving with or without rhinestone right on your glasses, too. See, a million possible styles for your glasses!

… they also sell contact lenses (and if you still haven’t found what you want, just ask them – they might be able to help you!

Be careful though, they are addicting as hell! I bought my first pair a few years ago, bat-wing shaped glasses (the glass is frameless, black outlined though to make the shape pop a bit more) with spider temple stems. I am a myopic person whose eyes luckily haven’t changed much during the last few years and hopefully won’t change much in the future either and have always been bored by the possibilities of common eye shops, even thought about surgery here to not have to wear my glasses, changed that plan now to ‘get sooooome more glasses’. Anyways, bought these at their store and since my old glasses were indeed old they took a closer look at how blind I actually am – well, not as blind as it feels though. And at first I was a bit afraid the delicate cut glass might break fast but so far nothing has happened – I’m not the most careful person here to be honest… The black lining faded a tiny bit but rubbing your glasses every day while cleaning that’s what would happen after years!

IMG_5977IMG_1458 IMG_2277

Second pair (which I bought a year ago I think?) was a pair of sun glasses, coffin shaped glasses with bat detail on temple stems. I knew I still had the same measurements so it was easy to order them online / via mail. Shipping was really fast and I’m as happy with these as I was with the first pair which made me plan on my third pair already (guess I will go with a simple pair, half-framed with spike detail to wear at work since I still wear the 10 year old frameless gummy thing there? but that purchase will have to wait until winter) Oh and for the sunglasses I asked them to send me some business cards since GOODNESS, you get asked by literally everyone on the streets where you got them.

IMG_4628fledermausbrille, bat glasses, sun glasses - bat and spider detail

Do you have any glasses of this brand, what do you think about them? Have a nice evening!