+A City In Review, Munich.

by Schnauzevoll

Hey there, internet!

First post of a series I guess? I like to travel cities far and near and then look for the stranger places and cemetaries. So the first city that I’d like to introduce to you would be Munich, There are quite a few nice books to read when youre looking for the darker side of Munich, not sure if those are available in English, try looking for ‘Fritz Fenzl’ I went to quite a few of the places he mentioned and was impressed by the things I was able to see! In the city there are hidden Dragon Statues nearly everywhere, already looking huge in daylight and even more impressive and a bit magical when it’s getting dark. Here are a few examples from around Marienplatz.



And also a few pictures of the Theatinerkirche – a small but awesome detailed church. Sadly it was covered into a huge building site so no photos of the front. – oh wait… Illuminati?!


Oh and you can’t go anywhere in munich without running into a flock of ravens! One of those pretties always found me on my way home after work and it seems after a while they knew I was always willing to share some nuts with them.

IMG_5102 IMG_5517

I was not happy with the small cage that the ravens have had in the ‘Tierpark’ but as far as I know they now live in another zoo where they have a bigger home! Of course we had to take a look at all of the spiders and at the batcave but I’m sorry, not much of a fan of pictures of animals who are not able to escape. Instead here are two of the lovely statues they have in there!


Oh and in the end. may I show you my Dirndl? Who said I was not allowed to wear boots and ripped tights with it? And guess what, I probably will have to sew this thing a bit smaller, bought it when I was at my max weight in Munich.


So, how about you? Like travelling? – any ‘must-see/favorit’ cities/places? Have a nice evening!