Flat Update 15-02 / Kitchen Part 1

by Schnauzevoll

Hey there, internet!

As I said before I returned to my childhood area, since it seems I am someone who just should not live together with someone else (even though I really enjoyed the time that a dear friend let me join her in her 1 room appartement when I was in need) I was looking for a long-time-my-cave kind of thing which I found pretty quickly! So here I am, sitting in a 60m² two-room flat all on my own in the western but still quite central part of Brunswick… Maybe not the best neighborhood but as long as my neighbors leave me alone I’m happy!

Starting from stretch and on a budget (left my entire furniture in the old flat for a reason) I thought it would be best to do one room at a time. And since all I need is a bed, kitchen and a place to get ready in the morning (which of course is in every flat) i would start with the kitchen.

Color sheme would be green & orange, pumpkins, nature, fall/autumn (simply to explain… like children would see a witches kitchen, tiny, dark, full of herb-smells and stuff). There is not too much room in my kitchen but enough for cooking and a small sitting area plus a window for my plants/herbs. Took a few minutes to write down what has to be in the kitchen and another few minutes to do the first quick sketch… (sorry not perfect but hopefully enough to give you an idea?) The matching floor was already in the appartement, yay!


Had to change some of the ideas during the work of course and a lot is still not finished or does not look how I want it to look like (and a few spots that will need a bit more inspiration, tumblr & others here i come XD) but here are some pictures of what I did during January and February… Of course I got all those things like oven, fridge and stuff but cheapest so all-white, nothing to see there (yet)! I actually would have wanted a much darker wall-color but didnt think the white & green would eat so much of the black and in the end I indeed do like the mossy / military color it is and it totally matches the velvet roof – I know dirt and dust but i don’t want to have simple white roofs in my flat…


Then here we have the window which besides some more herbs & pots is done. the rack is actually for shoes but perfect size for my needs and with 10€ each I didn’t want to miss them (getting 2 more to stack tomorrow). And the herbs make my entire flat smell like a forrest <3. Fabric as most of the times was bought on Stoffe.de (they have online shops in nearly every country so take a look at them!)


Racks were a special offer at one of the local shops so i’m fine with them, too and some nice fabric around will cover them anyways! Lamp was from amazon for like 20€ and a few decorative accents found their way, too already!

kitchen-lamp_lantern_goth-wordpress kitchen-spider_gothy-wordpress kitchen-zombie_cat_decor-wordpress

sooo that’s it for today, what do you think so far? how does or would your kitchen look like? Talk to you soon! ❤