new year, new here!

by Schnauzevoll

Well, hello there!

So since i disappeared from blogger and everything i’ve had quite a lot stuff happening in my life. Maybe interesting, maybe not. I thought it was time to start over again, whatever this will happen really slowly. In the beginning i will try to post every two weeks (maybe once a week). No specific theme for this blog so let’s just say it’s a ‘lifestyle-blog with a hint of black and diy’.

So whats with those of you that i haven’ talked to before? let me introduce myself a bit to you…

Name’s Ramona, I’m a 27-year old geriatric nurse from Germany, born in Jägermeister-city Wolfenbüttel, family roots in Ruhr-area and after moving quite some times (including Frankfurt & Munich) i returned to Brunswick… If i’d have to choose between vampire or werewolf i’d choose zombies. I’m always freezing and able to confuse myself because my mind likes to think about different things at the same time. I tend to like everything more when it sparkles (well, yes i live on my black-sparkling cloud of cottoncandy)… and i spend a lot of my time costumizing or creating things which atm mainly is for my new flat 🙂

whatever, this should be enough for the moment… So talk to you soon and enjoy your evening!